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Certification, CE, Orientation & NCLEX Prep

Certification Video FAQ Series

Welcome to this Video Series of FAQs about Nursing Certification!

What are the benefits of nursing sub-specialty certification?

What resources does Nurse Builders have for certification exam preparation?

What are some recommendations for dealing with exam nervousness?

What are the components and structure of Nurse Builders certification review e-courses?

Tell us about the handouts for certification review e-courses.

What is the selection process for Nurse Builders faculty?

Compare and Contract the NE-BC and CNML Exams.

What is Nurse Builders process for communicating and distributing certification review e-course revisions?

RNC-MNN, RNC-LRN, & RNC-NIC: Which exam should I take?

If my hospital purchases an annual license for certification review e-courses, how long is the license and access for nurses at the hospital available?

How often does Nurse Builders update it’s nursing certification review e- courses?

What is the difference between CPN & PED-BC?

Where does a certification review course fit into an overall study plan?

Why do some specialties have more than one exam and exam credential?

How much time should I set aside to study for a nursing specialty certification exam?

What are your favorite test taking tips?

What is the difference between the NE-BC and NEA-BC certification exams?

Who should take the C-ONQS exam?

What nurses are the target audience for the C-EFM exam?

How would I decide which of these exams is right for me? RNC-IAP, RNC-OB, RNC-MNN

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