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Pediatric Fluid, Electrolytes and Dehydration AUDIO CD

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Nurse Builders Self-Learning Nursing CE Series brings this popular live course to you! Sharpen your pediatric laboratory interpretation skills with this self-learning Nursing CE program. Signs and symptoms of dehydration and classification of dehydration based on clinical severity are discussed. Nursing management of the child with dehydration including principles of fluid replacement therapy is reviewed. Common abnormalities in the pediatric basic metabolic panel are discussed. Participants will conclude this program with new knowledge to apply to their nursing practice.

You will discover how easy it is to:
• Identify clinical signs and symptoms of dehydration in infants and children.
• Calculate maintenance fluid requirements for infants and children.
• Classify types of dehydration based on clinical severity and serum sodium levels.
• Compare approaches to fluid replacement based on the type of dehydration.
• Interpret components of the pediatric basic metabolic panel.

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