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Pediatric Liver Function Tests (LFTs) Study Aids

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Nurse Builders Self-Learning Nursing CE Series brings this popular live course to you! Learn how to use the pneumonic “the AB Cs of Pediatric LFTs” to interpret all of the components of pediatric liver function tests. Basic anatomy, physiology and pediatric laboratory parameters are reviewed. Principles of pediatric LFT interpretation and application to clinical practice are applied. Common abnormal LFT findings in children and their clinical implications are discussed. Participants will conclude this program with new knowledge and skills to apply to their nursing practice.

You will discover how easy it is to:
• Identify the components of liver function tests (LFTs) and their clinical implications.
• Identify normal pediatric laboratory parameters for the LFTs and the clinical implications for deviations from normal.
• Apply principles of pediatric LFTs interpretation toclinical questions and case scenarios.

Includes 1 DVD covering approximately 60 minutes of content.
1.0 contact hours available for this DVD program
PDF Handout on CD-ROM

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